Since 2006, we have been focusing on identifying core design problems, exploring innovative solutions, validating ideas, enhancing learning and aiming to craft visually refined and enjoyable experiences.

"What I appreciate about working with 2FRESH is the professionalism. Everyone comes to each appointment prepared and they keep to the agenda and schedule. Even during the first meetings, it was clear that they really understood their work and had the process with clients polished to perfection. These people are a joy to work with."

Linda Olivová

Product Owner


In just 48 hours we can be part of your team

Professionals who've been through hundreds of battles. Generalists and specialists. We focus on quality design craft, leadership and how to effectively develop ourselves and the teams we connect with.

years of experience
design teams
created prototypes
test sessions
months project duration

How it works

Design by the bookWe minimize your team's risk of failure by honoring the design process, iterating and validating.

Part of your teamWe live your cause, participate in your rituals and adapt to your established processes and tools.

One designer or a whole teamHire a specialist to solve a specific task, or an entire team to manage your project from A to Z.

Onboard in a few daysIt takes months to get an in-house designer up to speed. It takes years to build an experienced design team.

Remote + Hybrid = ❤️We love the freedom and the ability to work from anywhere. But from time to time we'd love to see your team live.

Top preparation, meetings and documentationWe are obsessive note-takers, planners and know-how sharers. When we're done, we leave everything documented.

Lukáš Pitter

UI Designer

Co právě dělám

„Navrhuju nový vizuální styl pro Novou digitální banku.“

LET'S talk

Jakub Karlec

+420 776 802 527

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